Our family serving yours

Somerton Cocopah Fire Department is a Class 3/3x Fire Department.  Somerton Cocopah Fire Department is one of only 3,456 fire departments in the U.S.A. that are rated an ISO Class 3 out of over 46,000 fire departments that the ISO has graded. 

Somerton Cocopah Fire Department operates under a unique business model; the City of Somerton and the Cocopah Nation entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) in 2001 in order to pool their resources and create a "value-added" element for their respective citizens.

The Somerton Cocopah Fire Department provides an All-Hazards service to its citizens. As a department that provides an All-Hazards service, we provide emergent and non-emergent responses to: All fires, emergency medical services (basic life support and advanced cardiac life support), hazardous materials, fire prevention education, fire prevention inspections, arson investigation, and special duty responses.

We achieve this, out of one station, with our full and part-time staff of: 1 Chief, 1 Battalion Chief, 1 Inspector/Investigator, 3 Captains, 3 Engineers, and 15 Firefighters. We have 27 part-time Firefighters that provide backfill and call back support.

In addition to providing an All-Hazards service to the community, we also provide ambulance service to an area of some 89 square miles. This is accomplished with 2 front line and 1 reserve ambulances at our Public Safety Facility in Somerton.

If you have a question or need information, please use the following pages to guide to the person that you need to speak with.

Contact Information
PO BOX 638.
445 E. Main St
Somerton, AZ 85350
928-722-7326 Public Safety Facility