City Attorney
The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council and serves as legal advisor to the City Council, City Manager, and all the City’s departments regarding a variety of municipal law issues. The City Attorney is responsible for drafting, reviewing and/or approving as to form all proposed ordinances, resolutions and contracts, which may be considered for adoption by the City Council to ensure that they adequately protect the legal interests of the City. The City Attorney, in consultation with the City Council, prosecutes and defends all suits, actions, or cases where the City is a party, and reports to the City Council, when required, the condition of any suit or action to which the City is a party.
The City Attorney is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation possible to meet the present and future needs of the City in an efficient and effective manner, with protecting the City, its residents, and its traditions by minimizing the City's legal liabilities.
The City Attorney also prosecutes misdemeanor crimes in violation of the Arizona Revised Statutes and the Somerton City Code occurring within the City limits, including Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Shoplifting, Assault, Domestic Violence, minor drug offenses, traffic offenses and other misdemeanor offenses, in Somerton Municipal Court. The City Attorney works with the Somerton Police Department and other City departments in the investigation, charging, and prosecution of criminal cases within City limits. The City Attorney also safeguards the constitutional rights of crime victims and criminal defendants while keeping crime victims informed of the progress of their cases and allowing them meaningful input regarding the resolution of their cases.

The City Attorney does not represent citizens in legal proceedings. If you feel that you need legal representation in a civil matter or legal advice, and you cannot afford to retain an attorney, please contact Community Legal Services, (928) 782-7511, or visit their offices at 204 S. 1st Avenue, Yuma, Arizona 85364.
Contact Information:
Jorge Lozano

City of Somerton

City Hall Building
P.O. Box 638
143 N. State Avenue
Somerton, Arizona 85350
Phone: (928) 722-5090